Erectile Dysfunction & Male Virility

There is a saying that the most important sex organ is the brain.    Yet the brain is often neglected when treating sexual performance problems.

A number of hypnotherapists have thus made recordings for helping men overcome erectile dysfunction.

The following mp3 files are rated in terms of a five star scale.   They are NOT the audio version of pornography.


The therapist gives hypnotic suggests to help the listener become relaxed and “let go.”   Breathing exercises may be briefly included.

The therapist helps the listener discard any memories of past negative experiences and attitudes toward sexual performance and lovemaking.

Confidence-boosting affirmations are common.  A favorite is “What the mind can conceive, the mind or body can achieve.”  This is a paraphrased Napoleon Hill quote.

The therapist explains that erections cannot be forced.  Rather they must be allowed to occur automatically and naturally with the man fully relaxed.

The therapist may make some references to male genitals, but the usage of anatomical terms tends to be minimal.

Listeners are invited to image their own fantasies during portions of the recordings.   The therapists do not otherwise give suggestions for settings or details.  Some therapists ask the listener to envision his fantasies as if he were watching them on a movie screen.

Some of the recordings assume a heterosexual lovemaking relationship.  Others simply refer to the man’s relationship with his “partner.”

* * *

Dr. Karen Gless’ Pure Pleasure System ranks five stars.  She has an American accent.  She speaks with a bubbling, nurturing voice.

She clearly believes her declaration that “Joyful and playful sex cements the bond between a couple.”

Her recording is the most thorough with seven segments.  She addresses both impotence and premature ejaculation.  She assumes a heterosexual relationship.

Dr. Gless covers general relaxation techniques.  She also set ups affirming metaphors for reinforcing a man’s performance abilities.  At times, she bluntly and joyfully uses male genital terms, in a refreshing manner.

* * *

Anna Thompson’s Overcome Erectile Dysfunction Hypnosis, Maintain An Erection And Gain Sexual Confidence  ranks five stars.  She has an American accent.  She speaks in a gentle, nurturing voice, with understated yet deep sensuality.

Anna begins slowly, guiding the listener through some general relaxation techniques.  She then invites the listener to explore his own imagery and fantasies, without suggesting specific themes or details.

She finishes with confidence-building affirmations, including the powerful “You have everyhing she needs.  And you were born to be a lover.”

The recording length is about 30 minutes.

* * *

Gillian Dalziel has produced an excellent Erectile Dsyfunction YouTube Video

See also:  Gillian’s Website

Gillian has a Scottish accent.  Her recording has a very poetic relaxation section using imagery of fountains, gardens and rainbows.

“You are floating in a sea of colours.”

“In this rainbow time and space do not exist.”

This is followed by positive affirmations for erectile potency.

This clearly ranks five starts.

The recording length is about 47 minutes.

* * *

Dr. Janet Hall’s Achieving and Maintaining an Erection ranks four and one-half stars.

She she speaks with a cheerful Australian accent.  Most of her recording gives practical advice in a plain speech manner.  A short hypnotic segment is given at the end.

Dr. Hall begins by discussing both medical and psychological treatment for erectile problems.  She notes that fatigue, stress and nervousness may create performance anxiety.

She observes that a man takes longer to achieve an erection and an ejaculation as he ages.  In contrast, some therapists type to convince a man that he can have the same performance as he did when he was in his 20s.  So Dr. Hall’s realism is refreshing.

She then explains that a man must overcome negative beliefs and thoughts regarding his erections using “self-talk thoughts.”  She gives the example of the Little Engine who repeatedly said “I think I can, I think I can, ” as it pulled a long train of freight cars over a high mountain.

She then outlines some homework exercises for the listener.

The first set involves self-pleasuring where the man can learn about his body and its sensations without worrying about satisfying a partner.

The second set is a series of massage techniques with his partner which gradually escalate to intercourse over several sessions.

This approach is called sensate focus.

The length is 57 minutes.

* * *

Bayside Psychotherapy’s Overcome Erectile Dysfunction ranks four stars.  The narrator is an unidentified Australian woman with a pleasant voice.   She invites the listener to enter a trance by taking a relaxing journey along a path…  She uses a metaphor to help the listener image his body being recharged with power from a car battery until he achieves an erection.  She also invites the listener to imagine lovemaking with his partner, whose gender is left unspecified.

She gives numerous positive affirmation.  She also explains “Your erection is not a piece of you that is separate; it is part of the completeness of your body.”

The recording has binaural beats and the sound of flowing water in the background.  Its length is about 24 minutes.

* * *

Cindy Locher’s Healing for E.D. ranks four stars. She has a pleasant, American accent.

Cindy’s recording consists of statements such as:

“It is natural to be restored to health. My subconscious intelligence known how to heal me.”

“If you don’t think about your erection, your subconscious mind will make one for you.”

“Focus on your partner with your five senses (in order to achieve an erection.)”

The emphasis is on these types of statements rather than on deep relaxation and lovemaking-imagery.

The length is 32 minutes.

* * *

Dr. Laura De Giorgio’s Eliminate Impotence Hypnosis ranks four stars.  She has a pleasant, European accent.

She gives a long relaxation sequence which gradually becomes interspersed with positive affirmations about lovemaking and confidence.    She also asks the listener to forgive himself and others of any hurt and let go.   Her typical suggestion phrases are “deeper and deeper,” “deeply relaxed” and “comfortable and secure.”

She also invites the listener to imagine sexual fantasies and climaxes.  She gives positive affirmations for sexual confidence and life in general.

The length is 42 minutes.

* * *

– Tom Irvine


au naturel Body Acceptance

Many people are embarrassed about being naked in “appropriate” situations, such as the gym locker room or medical exam room.  Some are apparently reluctant to be undressed in front of their own spouse in the bedroom.

Mark Tyrell’s Shy when Naked ranks five out of five stars.  He has an Australian accent.  This recording can be used by both men and women.  It is essentially nonsexual.

He gives an introductory relaxation section.  He then waxes very poetic with descriptive scenes of flowers, animals, clouds, rivers and streams, and all of creation. “We all have a place in nature . . . .”

The listener is invited to consider himself or herself as being naked and comfortably relaxed in front of an appropriate person.

The human body is referred to in terms of hands and skin, but there is no mention of private parts.

Mark also gives confidence-building affirmations, interspersed with the poetry.

As far as I known, this is the only available mp3 for this subject.

I encourage Mark and other hypnotherapists to record similar sessions specific to men and women facing  medical exams where their bodies will be exposed and examined by doctors and nurses of both genders.

– Tom Irvine

Virtual Massages mp3 Files

I thoroughly enjoy therapeutic massage for relaxation and stress relief.

Bob Hope was a comedian and actor who lived to the age of 100.  When asked about his vitality, he replied “I get a daily massage.”

Very few of us have the time and money for a daily massage.  So a virtual massage via an mp3 recording may be the next best thing.  The available recordings are not hypnotherapy per se, but they are similar enough to be included in this blog.

Here is a review based on a five-start rating.  The following mp3 recordings are nonsexual and do not mention any private body parts.  They may be used by either men or women.

Lita’s Massage Whisper Set ranks five stars.  She has an America accent.  Her syrupy, nuturing voice will have you chuckling with delight.  In addition, Lita clearly states that she is the one performing the massage by using the pronoun “I.”

Rebecca Psigoda’s Virtual Spa Day ranks three and one-half stars.  She has an American accent and uses an authoritative tone.  Her recording uses reverberation (echo) to create an other-worldly, futuristic effect with mystique, or something like that.  The recording also has binaural beats.  The therapist is a third-person “masseuse” with the pronoun “they.”  She includes some affirmations at the end.

I have listened to a sample from Tracey Lakainapali’s Lomi Lomi Hawiaan Massage Meditation but I have not download the complete file yet.  She has an Australian accent.  The therapist is a third-person “massager.”

In summary, I much prefer to know the name of my virtual massage therapist.  I want the narrator and the therapist to be the same person.  Only Lita fulfills this dual role.

I am still considering whether binaural beats are useful.

– Tom Irvine

Hello world!

I have been listening to some hypnotherapy mp3 files lately for a variety of topics.

There are numerous websites pitching these types of files, but there are few quality sites giving comparison reviews.

So I am offering my own reviews . . .

– Tom Irvine