au naturel Body Acceptance

Many people are embarrassed about being naked in “appropriate” situations, such as the gym locker room or medical exam room.  Some are apparently reluctant to be undressed in front of their own spouse in the bedroom.

Mark Tyrell’s Shy when Naked ranks five out of five stars.  He has an Australian accent.  This recording can be used by both men and women.  It is essentially nonsexual.

He gives an introductory relaxation section.  He then waxes very poetic with descriptive scenes of flowers, animals, clouds, rivers and streams, and all of creation. “We all have a place in nature . . . .”

The listener is invited to consider himself or herself as being naked and comfortably relaxed in front of an appropriate person.

The human body is referred to in terms of hands and skin, but there is no mention of private parts.

Mark also gives confidence-building affirmations, interspersed with the poetry.

As far as I known, this is the only available mp3 for this subject.

I encourage Mark and other hypnotherapists to record similar sessions specific to men and women facing  medical exams where their bodies will be exposed and examined by doctors and nurses of both genders.

– Tom Irvine


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