Virtual Massages mp3 Files

I thoroughly enjoy therapeutic massage for relaxation and stress relief.

Bob Hope was a comedian and actor who lived to the age of 100.  When asked about his vitality, he replied “I get a daily massage.”

Very few of us have the time and money for a daily massage.  So a virtual massage via an mp3 recording may be the next best thing.  The available recordings are not hypnotherapy per se, but they are similar enough to be included in this blog.

Here is a review based on a five-start rating.  The following mp3 recordings are nonsexual and do not mention any private body parts.  They may be used by either men or women.

Lita’s Massage Whisper Set ranks five stars.  She has an America accent.  Her syrupy, nuturing voice will have you chuckling with delight.  In addition, Lita clearly states that she is the one performing the massage by using the pronoun “I.”

Rebecca Psigoda’s Virtual Spa Day ranks three and one-half stars.  She has an American accent and uses an authoritative tone.  Her recording uses reverberation (echo) to create an other-worldly, futuristic effect with mystique, or something like that.  The recording also has binaural beats.  The therapist is a third-person “masseuse” with the pronoun “they.”  She includes some affirmations at the end.

I have listened to a sample from Tracey Lakainapali’s Lomi Lomi Hawiaan Massage Meditation but I have not download the complete file yet.  She has an Australian accent.  The therapist is a third-person “massager.”

In summary, I much prefer to know the name of my virtual massage therapist.  I want the narrator and the therapist to be the same person.  Only Lita fulfills this dual role.

I am still considering whether binaural beats are useful.

– Tom Irvine


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